GCP Starter Monorepo

GCP Starter Monorepo

Want to Free Your Team to Build?

Free Your Team From

  • Scaffolding Projects
  • Managing Multiple Tech Stacks where model changes need replication
  • Defined Client Side State Management
  • Authentication
  • Taking care of the same tech debt across multiple teams

Get the Code that Will Speed Up Development, Share Code, and Start Your Team Free to Build


How Do I Create a Full Stack Project?

  • Using Nrwl Nx Generators in the project, set up a Full Stack Angular and Nest Application
  • Integrate with Tailwind
  • Create Data Access Libraries that use NgRx state management and Firebase

Are there Any Authentication Libraries?

  • Yes!  GCP Starter Integrates with Firebase Authentication which has many authentication different providers

What GCP Services Do you Deploy To?

  • Cloud Run - This will containerize your project and push to GCP's Container Registry
  • Firebase - Use Firebase Hosting to push your client side application
  • App Engine - Scaffold and set up an App Engine project that creates the configuration for your App Engine Project

What Training and Support Do You Offer?

  • Community Support via our Slack Channel will our community members to help each resolve issues.
  • Common Support Issues are documented
  • Monthly Membership Training and Office Hours
  • One on One Consulting will require an email to our team.

What's Involved in the Training?

  • An Overview of monorepository strategy
  • Module Boundaries
  • Library Organization
  • Creating Projects
  • Deploying Projects

What Other Goodies do You Offer?

  • Validation Library that makes integration with Angular Reactive Forms and Nest Libraries easier
  • Membership Training
  • Navigation Module making it easy to create breadcrumbs